Word From Nicola

Word From Nicola

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Word From Nicola is a surf blog curated by surfer Nicola Colson-Koster, 21, from Waimauku, New Zealand and can be found on Mushburger.com’s SURF BLOGS page.

Compared to the Tumblr surf blog mob that endlessly reblog each others photos, Nicola’s blog is a clear stand-out, she takes a unique perspective and gives an uplifting glimpse into what it’s like to live and surf in her corner of the world.

One of our more popular surf blogs on Mushburger.com, we wanted to give her fans a chance to get to know a little more about her so here’s a quick bite into what Nicola is about.
MBurger: What’s your favorite local break? Nicola: Muriwai Beach

MBurger: What’s your favorite board right now? Nicola: My brand new 5’11 thanks to Sitka! very very happy.

MBurger: What are your fave pre-surf tunes? Nicola: I could go on forever, but at the top of my list would have to be pink floyd at the moment.

MBurger: What’s your favorite go-to grub after a good surf? Nicola: Mums grapefruit tree has being going off lately I can’t get enough of them!

MBurger: In your dream session, where would you be and who would you surf with? Nicola: South America.  A couple of my good as mates with a cold beverage afterwards.

MBurger: What are your favorite surf blogs? Nicola: I enjoy heaps of different blogs, depends on what mood I’m in 🙂 mostly arty ones and ones with inspirational pictures from people all over the world

Mburger: Who are your favorites on Instagram?  Nicola: Im very new to the Instagram world but so far i’m finding my way back to Banksy’s page with all his clever art work.

A couple of pics from Nicola’s blog, Word From Nicola, check out her blog on our SURF

BLOGS page.




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