Top 10 Surf Blogs

Top 10 Surf Blogs of 2013

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Here’s a run down of our picks for the best surf blogs out there in 2013. The criteria is based on our site’s most popular blogs and on Mushburger’s preferences for a blog with stacked content, lots of photos, videos and commentary, and it has to be coming from an angle that’s unique and all their own.

If you’re going to check out any surf blogs at all, this is the place to start.

Top 10 Surf Blogs of 2012, Pro Surfers Category

1.Dane Reynolds, Marine Layer Productions. MLP will always be #1 on a lot of surfer’s lists because Dane has proven to be the not only the Maharishi of Hipster surfers, but the man who sets the benchmark for progressive surfing around the planet. If Kelly had a blog then he’d be in this slot, but since he doesn’t, it goes to Dane.

2.Sterling Spencer, Even though the whole “You Know the Rules” thing might be a bit overplayed at this point, his Laird bashing never gets old and neither does his over-dub videos or photoshop hackjobs. It’s tough to deny that Sterling Spencer is one creative nut, who can also surf his buns off when he wants to.

3.Alex Gray, Turkeymelt. Mushburger first took notice of Gray when he was a frothing grom gaining notariety around L.A. When he got the young gun slot on the Drive-Thru seriers, we thought it was a fluke. How wrong we were about this exuberant surfer, he’s become a legitimate force in big wave surfing and we’re happy to say that it looks like he’s going to be on the scene for a long time to come. Turkeymelt has a TON of amazing videos to devour. Go check it.

4.Clay Marzo – Marzo seems a lot like DeNiro’s character in Raging Bull, the guy who loved to eat but had to diet all the time in order to stay relevant. Then at the end of the movie he’s a middle aged fat slob, but he’s living large, sipping cocktails poolside with a model for a wife and a sh*t-eating grin on his face and not a single regret. Gotta love Clay Marzo….He’ll always be a Mushburger favorite.

5.Alana Blanchard – short on content, but her blog still has a bunch of pictures of her in a bikini, several of which feature what has become the most famous bum in women’s pro surfing, and oh ya, she also has regular photo updates of her tearing up waves across the world. Can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to visit this site from time to time.

6.Tyler Warren, Past, Present and Future. Warren’s aptly named blog is a showcase for Tyler’s amazing talent at riding every kind of surfboard ever invented. It’s a sparse blog without a lot of fluff and features both his surfing exploits across the globe and some of his exceptional artwork as well. Tyler Warren’s maybe the most intriguing surfer on this list.

7.Bros Marshall. Trace and Chad Marshall are two talented Malibu loggers known for their skill at riding waves, but also for dominating first point, putting on a show and generally just not giving a sh*t. They have a surf brand of their own now that they’re promoting on their blog, which is a hypnotic journal of their exploits in and out of the water.

8.Ellie-Jean Coffey. Part of the Tumblr surf blog scene, Ellie-Jean comes across as a positive, free spirited woman obsessed with the ocean and she keeps up a reguar dialgue with her growing number of fans on the blog creating the feeling of a real commmunity, which is something you won’t get with anyone else on this list.

9.Matt Wilkinson, Out 2 Brunch. Meet the happiest guy on the ASP. Wilko’s got a great sense of humor, a care free attitude, a unique taste in wetsuits and a huge lebido. He’s often surrounded by babes and waves and lucky for us he brings his photographer around with him to document it all.

10.Paul Fisher, Fishtales. Follow the Fish has become a fixture on the list of best surf blogs for years, and for a reason. Part time surfer, part time DJ, full time partyer, Fish and his crew bring good vibes to their blog 24/7.

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