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Swallow Tail Society

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Swallowtail Society ~ Manuel Caro Mandala surfboards

Encinitas master shaper, Manuel Caro, is one of the leading craftsmen in the progressive movement away from standard, white, three-fin surfboards. For years, Caro’s Mandala surfboards has been showcasing a wide variety of high performance new shapes with excellent results. Subbies, hulls, fish, twins, quads, eggs and everything in between, every board that they produce has an attention to detail the shows Caro’s obsession with achieving maximum flow.

Check out Mandala Surfboards blog, Swallowtail Society on our Surf Blogs page!

photos Swallowtail Society

5’6” Arctail Stubbie Quad »> (Taken with Instagram at Moonlight Glassing)

5’8” ASQF for Jeff »> (Taken with Instagram at merlot madness)

Superchunk ASQ :: marine-ply quads by Jack Jensen »>

RPQ »>

RPQ »>

Swallowtail Society Videos

Local ripper Ben Matz finding his flow on a Mandala Mini Wing Quad

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