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Paul Gross is a surfer, surfboard shaper, master surf historian and creator of the popular 4th Gear Flyer surf mat. His blog Surfmatters is a temple for the surf mat aficionado and also full of historical insights on surfing and surf culture around the world. It’s a unique blog and we’re happy to feature it on our SURF BLOGS page, check out Surfmatters on

Paul Gross


Surfmatters features photos submitted by Surf Mat devotees around the world!

About Paul Gross Surf Mat the 4th Gear Flyer

Fourth Gear Flyers have evolved continuously over the past 25 years. The current generation of Hybrid Deck models reflect our own insatiable desire for the fastest, most comfortable, most fun mats to ride… with the emphasis on FUN!

The concept of the Hybrid 4GF surfmat design is simple and effective. Decks are made of heavy duty nylon canvas, while the bottoms consist of a thin nylon twill. Each fabric is best suited to its task. The result is a stable, super comfortable deck which boasts plenty of grip… while the thin, sensitive bottoms are ideal for skimming over flat spots and pulling into long, fast walls.

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