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Here at Mushburger, we spend an unnatural amount of time crawling the web hunting down surf blogs from every corner of the world in order to bring them all here to you in one place.

We’ve painstakingly sorted through thousands of Tumblr surf blogs to weed out the fat in order to showcase only the best and most original that Tumblr has to offer. We receive submissions from surfers every day and you can submit your Tumblr surf blog too, send it to us here

Here’s A few highlights from our catalog of Surf Tumblr Blogs

Surf Tumblr Blogs On

Alana Blanchard
surf tumblr blogs

Ellis Ericson

surf tumblr

Cyrus Suttonmushburger

Bree Kleintop

bree kleintop

Harrison Roachsurf blog

Vanina Walshsurf tumblr blogs


About Mushburger
At Mushburger, we try to showcase surfers of all ages and genders with blogs that capture their particular stoke for surfing in a unique way. We’re like you. We love surfing. We love to talk about surfing. We love to see what other surfers say about surfing. Every angle, every day, all over the globe.

Are you a surfer?

If you want to share your instagram or surf blog with thousands of other surfers around the world, submit it to us here!

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