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Featured blog: Surf London

A couple of local London surfers have a new start-up that caught our eye here at They’ve come up with a convenient way for surfers to rent all of their surf gear without the hassle of dealing with surf shops spotty hours and inventory.

Here’s a word about it from guest blogger, Alex, founder of Surf London:

Urban surfboard rental: A solution for modern city-dwelling surfers

The problem

Put yourself into the shoes of an irregular surfer: you’re getting into surfing, but you don’t own a surfboard and you live in a city, not exactly near the coast.

This might not seem like a familiar situation to you, but this is the reality for many cash-strapped residents in London, the UK. Rising living costs and smaller apartments mean that more and more city-dwelling surfers are forced to forego the option of buying their own surfboards in order to save the cash and space in the home.  And when you throw international students and other temporary visitors to the UK’s Capital into the mix, you’re faced with lots of board-less surfers!

The solution

The initial answer to this predicament is to hire the necessary surf gear when you get to the break – and this is what many surfers do. My business partner and I would leave London at around 4am on a Saturday morning and arrive at our chosen break at 7am, only to find that the local surf shop was either shut, or had already hired out the boards we wanted. This is why we founded Surf London.

We provide surfers based in London looking to avoid the hassle of renting on arrival with decent equipment, and we deliver free of charge.  We stock a variety of boards up to 7’ long; anything longer is a bit of a struggle on the Underground (metro), which might be difficult to imagine if you haven’t been to London!

We’re only a small, two-man start-up, but we’re looking to make a splash on the UK surf scene and build a surfing community around our brand.  You can find out more about us by visiting and following us on Twitter – @SurfLondon.


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About the author

Alex works in marketing in London and gets down to the coast to surf when he can. He has surfed in England, France and Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Alex also blogs occasionally at and tweets @agtownley.

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