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If you surf regularly then it’s no secret to you that the number of female surfers in the line up is on the rise. Only twenty years ago you would have been hard pressed to find more than a handful of women surfers on the scene, but now they’re out there shoulder to shoulder with everyone else, on quads, twins, thrusters, longboards and fish; and these surf chicks shred.

And if you do surf regularly then it’s also no surprise to you that these surf chicks are super cool. Unlike the ubiquitous “surfer dude” at every good point break on the planet, these surf chicks aren’t out there looking to rip your head off for the next wave, they’re not shoulder hopping you or heckling you if you’re not a local or hassling you for blowing a perfect drop in. Women surfers tend to lighten up the atmosphere in the line up, they actually smile, they say go ahead when a set’s approaching, you can see how stoked they are just to be out there enjoying nature.

We all have a lot to learn from women who surf. And Mushburger puts a spotlight on some of the best female surf bloggers on the planet who are out there documenting there life in and out of the water. Connect with the best female surf bloggers on the web here on

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