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Remi Petersen is a talented South African free surfer with a great surf blog where is documents his surfing life and travels. You’ll find lots of great surfing on a wide array of surfboards of varying shapes and sizes, and it’s also got some serious partying and a little what-not going on, too. Don’t believe us? Check out the banner on page one of his blog: “I tell crazy stories, ride crazy boards, take crazy pictures, make crazy movies, do crazy things, go on crazy missions and put it all on this crazy blog for you crazy people to enjoy my crazy life”

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I was lucky enough to meet a grate guy while traveling around Europe last year who introdused me to a local shaper, depeyris, while in lacanau. this was the funnest board i got to ride while in europe. dont know what is was about it, but it went like a beaut in small waves!!! It was a prototype they made as a fun experiment… Its got some Alaia influence, but evidently made from foam and it has 2 small kite board fins in them. This allows the board to still slide allot but also still holds in well enough to sit in the curl or race down the line. The with in the nose and tail help with buoyancy and the flatness keeps the speed even and the softest of waves!!!  .

chrisboardoo:</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>@Remi_Petersen with his #globe #bantam #Skate at @hangardarwin #bordeaux , #france . (Taken With Instagram) @GlobeEurope<br /><br /><br /><br />

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