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Quincy Davis Surfer

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Quincy Davis is a young surfer from New York and one of Volcom’s most hi-octane team riders. Still under 20 years old, Quincy has proven that she has the determination and drive to be a competitive force in women’s surfing and she’s definitely one to keep an eye on in the surfing world for years to come. Check out Quincy Davis’s surf media stream here on Mushburger.com!

Quincy Davis Bio from SurfingAmerica.org

Name: Quincy Davis

Age: 16
Home: Montauk, NY
Sponsors: Volcom
Most Influential Surfer: Lisa Anderson
Favorite or Local Spot: Terrace
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Song: It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me – Billy Joel
Favorite Movie: Elf
Other Sports or Activities: Dance and Shop
Surfing Philosophy: I try to improve my surfing every time I go for a surf
Life Philosophy: To laugh every day
This Year’s Goals: Graduate from my high school! Stay healthy and do better in my contests
Long-term Goals: Im not sure yet, im 16 :)
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quincy davis
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quincy davis surfer
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quincy davis surfer
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quincy davis surfer

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