Monster Children

Monster Children

Welcome to, the best way to follow your favorite surf blogs, find hundreds of new ones, and check out live Instagram and twitter feeds from pro and amateur surfers, shapers, artists and more from all around the world.

Monster Children has a developed a unique perspective on surf culture and brings it to you in the form of a stylistic website and a glossy magazine. Not just your typical high octane surf and skate photos, Monster Children does a world class job at showcasing new and interesting people that you want to know about in the world of art, fashion, music, film and of course, surfing too. Great daily feature updates make this an ideal stop for all sea-minded web crawlers wanting to stay on top of what’s new and noteworthy in the world of hipster surfing.

A Mushburger favorite, check out Monster Children on our Home Page.

Some visual hints as to what Monster Children is all about

Surf San Diego at MoMA

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