Life Without Andy

Life Without Andy

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About Life Without Andy

One of Mushburger’s most popular blogs, Australia’s Life Without Andy is unlike any other surf culture site out there. To call it a surf culture site is even a stretch because it’s legs reach far out beyond just surfing, encompassing fashion photography, night life, music and travel.

Life long friends,¬†Mitch Tomlinson and Mitch Ross can be proud that they’ve built the only place for surfers to go to see their favorite surf celebs drunk and partying like the rock stars that they are. There’s really not much to Life Without Andy, they’re not out there promoting anything or anyone, there’s no hidden agenda, no message to take home, it’s all about partying, babes, surfing, music and having fun.

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life without andy

life without andy

Andy and Lyndie

Bruce Irons

Taj Burrows

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Runamuk Visuals Interview with Life Without Andy

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