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Featured blog: Kooking it Up

From the curator of Kooking it Up:
My nick name is “The B.D.” Grew up on the Big Island near the small town of Naʻālehu of Ka’u. Not much surfing there but lots of fishing! Moved to the mainland during high school and been here since. More of a Nor Cal boy then a Hawaiian now days. My home break is Ocean Beach (OB) in San Francisco. And yes, I am very afraid of Mother OB sometimes. I’m regular footed. Favorite food is Lau Lau. I re-began surfing on April 16, 2011. You can say I’m a 30ish year old grom. Favorite break is The Hook. 2nd favorite break is Uppers @ Trestles. 3rd favorite break is Getchells. I prefer a wetsuit. I’m brown and proud. I surf with the best crew ever. Hands down.

This guy’s anything but a kook – you can see his pure passion for surfing in every log entry. Check him out on our surf blogs page!

Here’s a couple pics from his blog


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