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Featured Instagram: Hawaiian surfer and Roxy model Kelia Moniz

From Kelia’s About Page “I grew up in a house of seven, mom, dad, and four brothers! There was never a dull moment in the Moniz house. I loved having brothers and till this day still do. And thats how I got the name Sister. Being the second oldest out of five I held upper hand most of the time! And acted like a  little mom. In my younger years I was tomboy that was always in the mix of all the boys. I was around boys twenty four seven and they kept me very tough. Never really cried for no reason like normal girls did, never really dressed up, I guess I just thought I was one of them! When the boys friends would come over I would love it, being so boy crazy but then I would get to know them better and realize that hmm, they are just another addition to the family, pretty much becoming another boy figure! So, the name Sister really started to stick because hey, she’s just like our Sister! haha… Welcome to the Sisterhood!”

Check out one of Hawaii’s young, surf style icons, Kelia Moniz, on, Kelia’s live feed is on our Instagram page, along with all the best surfers around the world.

kelia moniz instagram

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