Jay Bottle Thompson

Jay Bottle Thompson

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Featured blog: Jay Bottle Thompson

Pro surfer Jay Bottle Thompson’s blog is like your back stage pass to being a professional surfer. But as Jay says “You’re going to find out pretty quickly that it’s not just about gallivanting around the globe competing on the professional surfing circuit.
I am able to use my travels to experience and embrace culture from all corners of the earth. Hopefully I’m able to grab the the stories and visions of the most beautiful people and places across the globe and bring them right into your home.
Whether you’re a surfer or an adventurer, welcome, I hope you will enjoy my tales. Take a look around, then make sure you get out there to see it for yourself.”

Check out Bottle’s blog here!

Rock solid investigative reporting from Bottle on Vimeo

Girls of Hawaii from BottleSurf on Vimeo.

Bottle at home taking care of biz

Bottle at Burleigh from BottleSurf on Vimeo.


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