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Jai Lee surf blog: Jai Division

Jai Lee is a talented surfer, photographer and filmmaker who lives in Noosa Heads, Australia. His longboarding skills are arguably some of the best in the world and his stylish photos capture some remarkable images of surfing and beach culture. Check out Jai Division, Lee’s photo blog full of moody photos of his own and of those that inspire him. You can find it on our SURF BLOGS page.


photos: Jai Lee surf blog, Jai Division

Jared Mell … Oh Mr. Casual … Photo : Jai Lee

Dane Peterson, sliding five … Photo : Jai Lee

My old faithfuls …. Artwork by grafton bob and thomas Campbell.. @jaidivision

A sweet lil photo of meself taken by Dane Peterson … Check out the world of imagery at danepetersonphotography.com ( if you already havent got it bookmarked )..

a glorious day at Noosa Heads … Photo : Jai Lee

Dane Peterson & Jared Mell, Slapping Fives mid sesh … Photo : Jai Lee

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