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Featured Surfer’s Instagram: Wok

Check out Wok’s surf blog (one of the best in the surf universe) and his live Instagram feed (not one of the best in the surf universe, but it’s interesting and definitely worth following). All the best surfers, from around the world, here on Mushburger.com!

warwick wright

warwick wright

warwick wright

warwick wright

warwick wright

Wok’s Bio ~ Billabong


Nick Name: Wok.
Date of birth: 17th April 1984.
Where born: Durban.
Resides: Durban.
Parents names: Ann – Solly
Brothers and Sisters: None.
Married to: None – No Girlfriend.
Children: None.
Hobbies: Tennis and soccer.


Weight: 75kg.
Height: 6ft.
Stance: Goofy.
Sponsors: Billabong, Red Bull, VZ, Reef Brazil, Dakine.
Shapers: Bilt.
Quiver: 6 boards.
Favorite wave: New Pier – Durban.
Favorite maneuver: Barrels.
Favorite surfers: Jordy Smith and Travis Logie.


Highest WQS / WCT world tour rating: 58
Years on ASP WQS / WQS Tour: 3 full years
WCT inception: waiting
Started Surfing: 8 years old
Staring rolls in surf movies / DVD’s:
Events Won: Fernando da Noronha Brazil – Lizzard Nando’s Surf Pro.
WCT / WQS / Pro Junior International victories: (2)

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