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Featured surfer: Glenn Hall

Goofy footer Glenn Hall is a unique sight on the Dream Tour which historically is top heavy with Aussies, Hawaiians and American surfers. Hall is a standout not only for his acrobatic skills in the water, nor for his short stature at 5’8″ which garnered him the nickname Micro (and at only an inch shorter than Kelly it seems a little unwarranted perhaps), but maybe the main reason Hall sticks out is because he’s considered an Irishman on tour. And even though he grew up in NSW, his dual citizenship allowed him to represent the Emerald Isle and join the tour as one of the few Eurepean surfers.

Check out his official ASP Bio

Glenn Hall Surfer Bio

AKA: Micro
DOB: November 11, 1981
Born: Australia
Resides: Avoca, Australia
Height: Short
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Carve Sunglasses, VGT Traction, C-Skins Wetsuits, Vestal Watches
Shaper: Warner, Christiaan Bradley, Simon Anderson
Magic Stick: 5′ 5″ small wave
Favorite Wave: Maccas, Pasta Point, Honkeys
Favorite Maneuver: Barrels
Inspirations: Anyone happy

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