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Future Seas is a surf blog curated by surfer and artist Alex Krastev. Check out Future Seas on our SURF BLOGS page where you’ll find hundreds of great surf blogs to inspire you!

from Future Seas:

The fascinating journey that started in Eastern Europe via Algeria, Morocco, Canada, and ended in California, is the insight of Alex Krastev’s artistic vision, a reflection of his journey and memories from the places he has been. Alex discovered his passion for surfing at 16 years old, too young to drive, he made his way on the bus every day after school to the local surf spot Anchor point in Taghazout – Morocco. The colourful moments from his journey to the beach and standing at the waters edge, along with the inspiration from his parents who where both artists themselves and avid beach goers, his father who spent his youth as a lifeguard, proved to be the biggest inspiration to his artistic vision. Alex has worked for Quiksilver for the past 7 years and currently resides in Huntington Beach, California where he surfs every day and does Freelance for the surf industry and beyond. His paintings and graphics extend beyond T-shirts and into the fine arts of all media. His style is based from the vision he had always had of that hungry surfer looking and dreaming about the sea.






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