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Best Surf Blogs

Welcome to, the best way to follow your favorite surf blogs, find hundreds of new ones, and check out live Instagram and twitter feeds from pro and amateur surfers, shapers, artists and more from all around the world.

Our picks for the top 5 best surf blogs by professional or notable surfers:

1) Matt Wilkinson, Out 2 Brunch. Wilko looks like he’s having way too much fun on tour, living the life of a young, single, care free, world class surfer with a girl by his side and a camera in his hands.

2) Paul Fisher, Follow the Fish. A staple in the surf blog world for years for a reason. Fisher’s blog is about fun and surfing and girls and music and parties and travel and surfing. What’s not to love?

3) Chris Del Moro, Collect Life. Chris has got style in and out of the water and when he decides to really lay into a cutback it’s a thing of pure beauty.

4) Dane Reynolds, Marine Layer Productions. MLP is the temple to worship the god of hipster surfers. Spend some time there and you’ll be humbled by His greatness and begin to really grasp the insignificance of your surfing ability.

5) Tyler Warren, Past Present and Future. Tyler’s got the future of surfing progressive surboards by the horns and he’s not letting go anytime soon so check him out.





best surf blogs

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