Endless Wave, Wax Buddy

Endless Wave Surf Co., Wax Buddy

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Mushburger is happy to feature a great surf blog coming out of the East Coast, USA, by the inventive folks at Wax Buddy, makers of that handy little wax comb that makes removing wax from your surfboards as easy as can be, and guilt free too (it’s made from 100% recycled materials).


Wax Buddy’s blog isn’t just a bunch of pictures of wax combs either, it’s a stylish surf culture blog with a 1950’s vibe that’s run by real surfers. Endless Wave is the parent company that had its own surf shop in Newport RI and now spends lots of time filling orders for its popular Wax Buddy invention, which is sold in 24 countries around the world. Check out Wax Buddy on our SURF BLOGS page!





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