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About Dead Kooks Surfboards

Dead Kooks is a boutique surfboard manufacturer based in Australia and headed by a talented surfer and shaper named Eden Saul. Their inventory is full of one of a kind gems, all handcrafted surfboards with a wide array of sizes, shapes and fin-setups to chose from. You can see the attention to detail in their finishing, too, their passion for surfing really shows in every board they produce. Dead Kooks is featured on our surf blogs page, along with hundreds of other great surfboard blogs from shapers around the world.

A couple of pics from Dead Kooks blog:

6’4 hellhound for @bowie_  (Taken with Instagram)

5’9 Snapback. My fruity new whip for summer. (Taken with Instagram)

Summer fruit on your stick are you kidding? Love this!

6’0 Stubby. (Taken with Instagram)

8’4 Liquorice Rolled V. @shemademe heading to Bali with this little number  (Taken with Instagram)

6’0 stubby. Lime and cedar with matching dot matrix fabric (Taken with Instagram)

6’7 Hellhound. Heading to Bali.  (Taken with Instagram)

6’5  2+1 for @noah888  and 5’8 SnapBack for @asherwales. Unnatural stance but serious rippers. (Taken with Instagram)
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