Brooklyn Hawaii

Brooklyn Hawaii

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Featured blog Brooklyn Hawaii

Brooklyn Hawaii is a photography blog on Tumblr curated by a beautiful young surfer goddess and talented professional photographer named Brooke Dombrosk. A child of Oahu, Brooke has a knack for capturing the Island life in all its dreamy, sunlit splendor. Her portfolio is full of gem-like images of people and nature, and show her passion for beach and surf culutre; that’s why Brooklyn Hawaii is one of our featured blogs and also one of our favorites.

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photos from Brooklyn Hawaii

3rd eye.

Tiger board made a comeback today.<br />
Got a new bikini top from Quiksilver Women &#8230; check them out: QUIKSILVER WOMEN


Still really love these film portraits Monet took of me. Such talented girls.<br /><br /><br />

Malia on May Day, styled by Tara Michie©

this girl. LADY SLIDER.<br />

Another epic day in the ocean in my MIKOH &#8216;kini.

Behind the Scenes: Contrast Magazine&#8217;s summer fashion spread.Makeup/Hair: Gemina ChongModel: Malia M.<br />
© 2012

Roamed home from Tahiti to WAVES! Hello Summer!

Team Hawai&#8217;i! Spring/summer shoot with Crush Sunglasses.

Katarina for BOOM BOOM BIKINI xoxo<br />

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