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Top 5 Amazing Water Sports to Enjoy in Goa –

So, yes you can surf in India! However, you can’t surf all the time. Here are some options if you are traveling in the region provided by local Rohit Agarwal


Goa, contrary to its geographical location, has earned the reputation of being at the heart of India when it comes to tourism. It has got possibly all the elements that could help satiate one’s wanderlust– panoramic beaches, clear waters of the Arabian Sea, open skies, moderate weather coupled with the ecstatic nightlife- nothing could ever be wrong when you are in Goa. It is as if the Gods in the heaven cooked this place in all their free time, picking only the best of the ingredients, blending each one of them, in just the apt amount. One such constituent is the wind, a natural resource that the tourism industry of Goa has exploited quite well. Many wind-cum-water sports are the highlights of Goa that add another dimension to the already vibrant tourism scene of the city- adventure. Given below is an overview of the best 5 water sporting experiences is Goa that’ll give you 5more reasons to visit the city:



  • Water Ski


screen-shot-2017-04-12-at-9-13-22-amPhoto by madzArt, CC0 1.0

Skiing gets a whole new definition when you are in Goa. It is lot more effortless, pleasurable and exciting. While you wear traditional skis in your feet, the surface you are dragged upon and the way in which you progress are totally different. The interested person is pulled by strings that are attached to a speed boat. Speed is all that matters and maintenance of body balance is the only basic requirement.



  • Wind Surfing


Photo by meineresterampe, CC0 1.0


Unarguably one of the most adventurous of all such sports, wind surfing is a sweet pleasure that not everyone can afford primarily because of the level of finesse and experience that it demands. A sailboard is all what you have and it is equally thrilling and challenging to keep yourself aboard on it against the turbulent waves and the gusty winds of the city. Beginners can try their hands on the sport in the relatively calmer waters of the Dona Paula Bay in Panjim.



  • Scuba Diving & Snorkelling


Photo by fxxu, CC0 1.0


Why limit your exploration to the beaches and markets if you can actually go into deeper realms? In packages, as low as three grand, you could have an appetite full of insight into marine life. Goa has uncountable agencies conducting this activity under best of security measures, while some of them provide a scuba diving certificate as well! Grande Islands, Netrani Islands and Candolim Beach are popular spots of Goa where the sport is played in its full glory.



  • Banana Boat Ride


Photo by Arief_Sulung, CC0 1.0

Now this is something that comes straight from the world of cartoons and fairy tales. One of the easiest and funniest of all water sports, banana boat rides allow people to enjoy in groups of 4 and 6. The simple construction of the banana boat which is nothing but a 6 ft inflated banana shaped tube is what is responsible for charges as low as 200 bucks. Again, Candolim serves as an ideal location, Aguada, Colva and Miramar being other popular ones.



  • White Water Rafting


Photo by KeithJJ, CC0 1.0

One cannot simply ignore rafting when talking about water sports. White water rafting in Goa is no exception to this rule. The rafting sport in the Mandovi River is quite popular among adventure enthusiasts and the activity itself is 3-hour long. A safety kayak accompanies the rafts loaded with safety measures like life jackets and helmets. 10 km long adventure should provide with enough bliss to last for 10 years for the souls who complete the journey.



The term ‘fun’ and ‘adventure’ are relative and so is the list above. With Goa being a hardcore party destination, purely designed for the purpose of adventure, celebration, and recreation, this list cannot be exhaustive in any sense. The city itself keeps on adapting to new times by innovating new activities and sports. There is a lot more to explore in paragliding, fly boarding, paddle boarding, wake boarding, kayaking or jet skiing. And you haven’t had the last laugh unless you’ve seen the sunset on a cruise. Undeniably, bliss proves to be the only constant in Goa.


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