Surfing El Salvador

Mushburger is stoked on! They give great travel insight on locations around the world. The following gives focus on their latest trip to world class waves in El Salvador. 

Staying comfortably in front of a nice righthander, the Kayu Resort, is an ideal setup.


Kayu Resort photo

El Sunzal and its perfect rights

Surf blogger in makes that other surfers come often to show me their last surf trip, like: “Have you heard about…?” Then I saw pictures of El Sunzal.

I had been watching videos and photos from El Salvador for some time. And those waves, let me tell you, those waves got stuck in my mind.  I did not want to wait any longer to see it with my own eyes. It was a last minute trip with my friend María from Puerto Rico, we both needed waves, and El Sunzal was going to exceed our expectations.


Patricia of at El Sunzal


Basics in El Salvador

The currency is the US dollar, and you will find dollar coins that will hardly be given to you in the US, but are accepted in both countries.

About the weather, there are no defined stations. The rainy season is from May to September so they call it winter, but the temperature is the same all year round.


Local Flavor

In gastronomy, one of the typical dishes is “pupusa”, made from corn flour and combined with beans, cheese, garlic or meat. My favorites were the cheese with garlic, which is rare because the Spaniards like me do not like garlic anything, right?. Normally you eat them at street stands for less than $ 1 and with 2 or 3 you will be full.

Surfboards are easy to find if you’re not very picky about the conditions if you like your board and you’re a maniac on that subject, it’s better that you bring yours.

No vaccines are needed, but plenty of mosquito repellent for the dawn patrol.


Room with a view! Kayu Resort photo

Getting there and around in the area

The nearest international airport to El Sunzal is 40 km away. And the code is SAL. The taxi can cost between $ 30-50 depending on the time of the day.

The nearest town to El Sunzal is El Tunco. From the beach, you walk in 15 minutes by the beach if the tide is low. Otherwise, you will need to use public transport which is 50c and runs every 20 minutes.

You can rent a car to mobilize but if you are really thinking about surfing, the peaks are in areas where even to the locals can break the windows to steal. We know that happens in any country in the world but being on vacation the last thing that we need is to go through that moment, I would recommend dealing with some company of surftrips.


– A fun one- Kayu Resort photo


The Sunzal is a long right and easy to catch. When we arrived the swell was huge, the waves were double overhead and there were only 10 brave ones in the water. The good thing about this wave is that the wipeouts are smooth and there is a well-defined channel from where you can wait for the sets, I can say from the experience that my first day was the only thing I did, no shame.

El Tunco is known for La Bocana, is a fast left that needs a decent swell and high tide. It’s a local wave so be extra respectful.


There are lefts too- Kayu Resort photo

Punta Roca is a long right-hand wave, powerful and hollow, recommended for intermediate and advanced surfers. This spot can handle big swells, unfortunately, is not consistent as other ones, not working during rainy season, getting flat for several months at the year (Nov-March),  as soon the first swell start to come in May, Punta Roca starts to wake up.

Where to stay

We opted for Kayu Resort. Our sister Kaydi Archer recommended them and it was definitely the best choice. Marvin is the local manager and has made the property into a family accommodation where you feel at home. Swimming pool, restaurant, boards for rent and the best service without a doubt.




Breakfast after a nice surf

      Breakfasts are included and you can taste local food. There are several types of breakfast to choose from, any of them would put the energy to surf for the next hours.

The luxury of being able to check the waves from the bed is a dream for any surfer and Kayu is fulfilled.unknown

Our room just perfect. Clean, large, with newly refurbished bathroom, air conditioning, a bed for each, and views of the wave, what else could a surfer ask for?

Not much! We thank worldwidetravelog for this informative blog. These are good points to keep in mind while traveling. Also be aware of your surroundings and keep safe when traveling in Central America.  Have fun!

All photos courtesy worldwidetravelog and Kayu Resort

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