Stop Paving Paradise


Puerto Ricans are in a major battle right now, to prevent a mega resort from moving forward in Playuela. The proposed Christoper Columbus Landing Resort mega hotel-residential complex consists of 121-acres, 300 room hotel with a 17,000 square foot casino, convention center, 160 condo-hotel units, 240 apartment condominium, and 100 residential villas.

Really? Like we need more of these? We are talking about untouched land and the certain destruction of ecosystems, land & sea.  And with break walls built to provide sandy beaches, the surf will likely be destroyed as well.

Mushburger was made aware of this alarming information by Patricia Fuentes of She just recently returned from Puerto Rico with a few words: 

The surfer community in Puerto Rico is in a political battle about their lands, and they got enough reasons to fight for. In one of the few areas full of natural resources that serves as a playground for locals and tourists, a private company will build a mega resort of 121 acres.

Located in the west of the island, I love Aguadilla and I’ve caught amazing waves there as you can see in my blog even the whole photo shoot for the 2015 collection of we took in those beaches. I am one more of those surfers who enjoys every winter in these paradisiacal waves and I am also getting crazy with the new project of paving an area full of fauna, flora and incredible waves.

#PlayuelaNoSeVende It is one of the slogans of the movement. Called Christopher Columbus Landing Resort, a mega beach resort and 121 acres of a residential complex, 300 rooms, the island’s largest casino, convention center, 160 condominium units, 240 condominiums and 100 residential villas.

All this area has a constant tourism thanks to the waves and water sports. And we know that most surfers do know how to take care of the natural resources. When we travel we practice sustainable tourism because we love everything that Mother Earth offers us. The perfect situation is that this area is declared it Natural Reserve for its adequate protection.

Please help a surfer community to their land and its waves, sign the petition and spread the word.

Local surfers like Dylan Graves are beside themselves: “ATTENTION/ ATENCIÓN I am typically not vocal about anything. Except usually waves 🤓. But is time to rise up Puerto Rico!!! What’s happening with the Mega Project that is the Christopher Columbus Landing Resort is alarming. Biggest casino in the Caribbean? in Playuela? Be sure you know exactly what they are proposing!!! I am all in favor of more jobs in the area, but not at the cost of an environmentally sensitive area home to 3 endangered species of coral that’s on top of a subterranean aquifer!!! Having massive ecological value and a natural source of water (essential to life)”


Wilderness Beach @worldwidetravelog

Please get informed and do whatever you can to prevent this nightmare from happening. Enough is enough. We must protect what little natural beauty we have left, especially for future generations. 

Check the links below and spread the word!

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instagram: @worldwidetravelog

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