Q&A Series: Ryan Miller

 Q&A Series with Photopgrapher Ryan Miller aka badboyryry


We caught up recently with hard working photograher Ryan Miller. Just so you know Ryan is one of them most inventive & organized surf photographers out there. A lover of red wine, speedos and having a good time, he documents the world & the world’s best on the WSLryan-miller

Hello Ryan, How are thing’s going?

So slammed right now with JJF title, packing, changing my flight and partying!!!!!

John John Florence, Trestles

How did you get your start in photography?

Started out doing surf photography in high school. Quickly realized that standing on the beach and not surfing was not very fun. Quit that real quick when I went school for photography. After not being able to cut it as a documentary photographer I decided to give surf photography another shot. It kind of took off and I have been happy doing ever since.

Where’s home?

I live in New Jersey. Kind of in a little bumble fuck town way in the south far removed from any surf industry. Love it! Close to Philadelphia airport so super easy to get on a flight.new-jersey

Relationship Status?


Last photo taken on Phone?

Wet and sandy shoes after shooting the beach carry when JJF won the world title.

Equipment preferances?

Nikon everything. I’m not a super tech guy so I just buy all the top of the line stuff they make so I know it will work properly. I think all the cameras are the same shit anyways. If you can’t get it done with Nikon or Canon or Sony or whatever there ins’t anything wrong with the camera there is something wrong with you.

How is traveling with the tour?

Love doing the tour because I love having a schedule and being able to plan a year in advance. The characters are what really gets me excited. Like just last night I went out Bourez, Jeremy Flores and Bede. If I didn’t do the tour I would never hang with those guys just doing free surf trips. Super rad to mingle with all the characters on this tour.

If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Seu Jorge…. guy seems pretty fun to hang with.seu-jorge

What is day to day life like?

This might be the best part about my job. There is never a typical day. Today I’m doing barely anything in Fiji. Some yoga, some office work and then workout this afternoon. Then three days ago I was in a boat from before the sun rose till after the sun set. Then I worked on my files for like 3 hours at night only to wake up and do it all over again the next day. Own those days I am grateful if I can get three meals in they are so busy. I love those days! tahiti

How many Tattoos do you have?


Hairiest moment?

When you live as vanilla as me it doesn’t get too hairy.julian

If you could only keep 5 possessions what would they be?

I’d let someone else pick for me. After my wife and my kid everything else falls to the wayside.

What movie can you watch over & over and still love?

None. Fuck I barely like movies as it is. Couldn’t imagine watching one over and over again. Feels like a waste of time.

Thanks for the hosest answers. I think people are intrigued by the man behind the lens.  For more on Ryan,  Social:  @badboyryry_  

Website www.ryanmillerphotography.com