Q&A Series: Laserwolf



Hawaiian based, Brandon “Laserwolf” Campbell has stepped out as one of the best surf photographers out there. Both in and out of the water! Producing high quality, stunning imagery and a super cool nickname to go along with it all. It’s busy season on the North Shore, but we were lucky to catch up and get some insight on the man behind the lens.

Hey Laserwolf, so where are you originally from?

Space Ship Planet Earth

How did you get your start in photography?

I just kinda picked up a camera one day and started shooting my friends and anything else that caught my eye. It wasn’t til a few years later that I got into Surf Photography.



cameraEquipment preferences?

All Canon gear, mostly second hand with my trustee CMT Waterhousings. I recently bought a drone that I’ve been flying a bit.


What makes you smile?

Family and the spitting end of hollow barrel.

Favorite beach/surf spot?

Off The Wall is my favorite wave to surf and shoot. It just flares out so hard with the bluest colors.

mikeybreaunoRelationship status?

Happily married to a conscious goddess.

How many tattoos do you have?

I lost count, but plenty of room for more.

Who would you like to meet living or dead?

The Universe absolutely blows my mind. I’d love to sit down and rap with some astronauts about it all.


Hairiest moment?

I got robbed at gunpoint when I was 20. Pretty heavy experience having a gun shoved in your face.



What movie can you watch over & over and still love?


 What is the last picture you took with your phone?  

Mrs. Wolfs 9 month pregnant belly.

Wow, congrats! Advice for young photographers?

Stick with it, shoot what you want to shoot, have fun and stay out of the way of those that came before you.

Anything you’re currently working on?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. This is my busy season here in Hawaii. On top of working for Surfline for the winter, I’m working on projects for a handful of different brands. Very grateful to be so busy at the moment. Freelance is full on starving artist vibes. When it rains it pours, but when it slows down it can feel like a drought


If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

Family. Family. Family. Family. Family.


How did the name Laserwolf come about? Do people make the connection to Fiddler on the Roof?

A friend gave me the name kinda as an inside joke. I ran with it as my signature during a photo exhibit/ art show that I did with a bunch of street artists and it just kinda stuck. I’ve never met Matt Biolis ( Mayhem ) but apparently asked a mutual friend if there was a connection. I had never seen the movie or heard of the character before so I had to look it up. Pretty classic. Maybe I’ll start telling people that we’re related haha.




Thank you for your time and letting us all get to know you a little better. Mushburger is always looking forward to your beautiful Ocean Imagery. 



For more on Laserwolf:

web: www.laserwolfphoto.com 

instagram: @laserwolf.photo