Q&A Series: Kylie Griffiths

 Q&A Series with London Stylist Kylie Griffiths



Kylie Griffiths is a freelance fashion, music and commercial stylist based in London, she is also Fashion Editor of Vice UK and part of DJ duo Double Trouble.

Kylie works with a wide range of musicians, bands, commercial brands, celebrities and fashion clients.

She has recently dicovered surfing and of course is obsessed, like us all. Teaming up with Volcom in the south of France, we recently caught up with her.


So Kylie, where are you originally from?

I’m originally from London – born and bred!


What is the surf scene like in the UK?

It’s great! I spend as many weekends as I can down in Saunton sands in Devon or Newquay in Cornwall and I’ve made loads of great friends through surfing. There is a real community spirit and people are very supportive of one another. I’ve actually used Instagram to connect to a lot of surfers which has lead to real life friendships too.

Now that you’re passionate about surfing, do you have a favorite beach or surf spot?

My favourite beach is Hossegor in the South of France, I spent quite a lot of time there this summer and I just fell in love with it as a place. We stayed in the Volcom house and we made some great mates! There are so many great beaches along that stretch of coast but my personal favourite for surfing there was about an hour away from Hossegor and was called Hendaye, it has slightly smaller, and more regular waves so is better if you are a beginner.

franceWhat makes you smile?

Surfing, it’s my zen moment, I’m quite a scatty person so sitting on my board in the middle of the sea is my moment of calm and never fails to make me smile.

You must be very busy with your schedule but do you have pets?

A small sausage dog called Frankie and a cat called Liono


Where do you see surf style going?

I love surf style as I like how thrown together it is – which is very much like my own personal style. I think it is developing and I like the grungy look that some brands are working with at the moment, such as Quicksilver’s latest capsule collection – it’s my favourites- I love the 90s Venice Beach style to it. I’m actually working on bringing out my own line of clothing next year so watch this space….

Cool, we will definitely look out for that! Who are your fashion icons?

I have a bit of an eclectic style and it’s forever changing so I don’t really have one set icon – I get inspired by a mixture of people I see in real life and films. I do have a huge girl crush on Chloe Sevigny though so it would probably have to be her!

If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be?

My dog, my cat, my surf board, my kindle (I’m a bit of a bookworm)and my grandmother’s watch


Whats the last picture you took with your phone?

I’ve just come back from a long weekend in Berlin so it was a picture of a Photo Booth picture I took there so I could Instagram it!insta    

What movie can you watch over & over and still love?

I love 80s movies – some of my all time favourites are American Psycho, I love Brett Easton Ellis, and pretty much anything from Tim Burton I could watch on loop all day everyday – in particular Beetlejuice!           


Future Goals?

To travel the world surfing!I’m planning on taking 2 months out next summer to travel in my camper van and I CANNOT wait. 

camperSounds like an amazing Plan! Thank you for your honest answers and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from you in the future! Keep Surfing.


For more on Kylie: Web- www.kyliegriffiths.co.uk  Blog-kyliegriffithsblog.wordpress.com  Instagram@kyliegriffiths