La Barra Surf Camp – Nicaragua

One of our favorite surf bloggers Patricia Fuentes of and Costa Bikinis just came back from beautiful Nicaragua! An all girl affair at the lovely all-inclusive La Barra Surf Camp. If you’re looking for a getaway, read on –

Summer: The time when most of us surfers living in the northern hemisphere start going a little berserk.

First, we hope for a freaky off-season swell, then dream of perfect waves in faraway places and hope for Cat 5s to bring swell our way. I have learned that to preserve my sanity and that of my friends and anybody who will still talk to me, a quick summer getaway goes a long way.

There are two factors that usually get in our way in the surf trip: time and budget.

Budget is an easier one to get around since there are plenty of alternatives depending on where you want to go; it’s just a matter of looking and knowing where to go. Time, however, has been a major obstacle lately since most of us work triple time, making the trip that much more necessary.

When I say time is my enemy, I mean that I sometimes don’t have time to go to the bathroom, In order to take time off, I have to leave a million things in place, a scenario I’m sure familiar to many so busy with life that there is no time to plan the trip we so desperately need.

The solution: All-inclusive surf camps.
Like what we did this summer in Nicaragua with La Barra Surf Camp, Miramar

Those words usually make us recoil with disgust, but hear me out.
When going on long trips, there’s nothing better than planning your adventure out, going off the beaten path and being open to confronting whatever unexpected experiences or difficulties life might throw your way. When you only have a few days, however, all I want to focus on is surfing as much as I can. Mishaps might mean missing a day or two out of a handful I might have for surfing.

When going to a surf camp, all the logistics are taken care of. How to get to your destination more than two hours from the airport at 2 a.m? Not a problem, as soon as you exit, there is someone waiting for you in a vehicle that can fit your boards.

What to eat? Surfer friendly local food served three times a day, plus coffee and sometimes snacks! Where and how to get to a surf break? The guides will take you to the beach or to the peak with a boat.
Safety? Someone already is taking care of that and every other detail you can think of.
Since most surf camp owners and managers are usually surfers themselves, they understand what you are looking for on a surf trip. [Plus there is the added bonus of not having to dish out extra money for every little thing since it has already been included in the price.]
Surf camps are a great alternative when all you want to do is surf and relax. Everything is taken care of. The only decision is which hammock to use.

Do you want to experience that by yourself?? Don’t miss out the chance to get 2 boat trip for free when you and your group book the Surf Camp option with La Barra Surf Camp in Miramar, Nicaragua, just mention you read this here from the article of worldwidetravelog, for those who don’t know me I’m Patricia a surf and travel blogger from Spain who writes her experience in and post her daily experiences in tropical waves here

Pictures Jerson Barboza