Conservation of our coral reef ecosystems

Anyone who’s ever surfed above a coral reef knows what an amazing experience that can be. Mushburger is very happy to introduce you to Coral Guardian, a non-profit organization whose mission is the conservation of coral reef ecosystems, empowerment of local communities, public awareness and research for development of marine ecosystems valuation.

Coral Guardian is a charity organization that helps save coral reefs in the Ocean. The organization was founded in 2010 by Martin Colognoli and Guillaume Holzer.

Today the Coral Guardian team gathers scientists and young people willing to help the natural environment, prevent global warming and the extinction of many species in the coral reef ecosystem.

The main point of action for Coral Guardian is to find solutions to protect the environment. You can learn more about aquaculture, marine ecosystems, artificial reefs and environmental problems with Coral Guardian.

Coral Guardia’s main goal is to restore coral reefs. A team of biologists and scientists is working hard on artificial reefs in order to help old, damaged corals.

Some studies associated with coral reef research, can even contribute to the understanding of certain human diseases such as cancer, malaria or Alzheimer’s.

Coral Guardian gives you an opportunity to act now! You can donate online or adopt your own coral. The Coral Guardian team will plant it for you. Then you can see your very own coral the next time you go diving in Indonesia on your holidays.

Visit the Coral Guardian website and learn more about this organization, its values, the Coral Guardian mission, its vision and its crew.  (Conservation Pole, Awareness Pole, Research Pole, Management Pole and External Relations Pole).