Canyon Collection

Canyon Collection

Topanga California

Mushburger is proud to be collab/teaming with cool new eco-friendly co. Canyon Collection based in Topanga Canyon. If you’re familiar with Mushburger, you know we rarely feature or focus product and have zero advertising.


Nonbleached linen pillows

Canyon Collection is a carefully curated collection of repurposed, fair trade and environmentally sustainable goods. 


69 VW Bus ready for restoration

In order to promote, Mushburger just got a 69 VW bus that came into the family and needs some major restoration. When mobile we (&C.C) will travel and pop up at various locations with awesome product.

Products included: all-natural goat milk soaps, sulfate free glycerine soaps – soy made candles (all hand poured in Topanga)- Rugs from India and Morocco (fair trade) made of recycled materials or cactus silk. Pillows made of unbleached linen, Journals made of banana leaf (Bali) Repurposed Palet/driftwood items… and so much more. For full inventory go to site listed below.


Goat Milk Soap – all natural

We will promo locations beforehand and also Mushburger will be giving out free goods like stickers and wax combs from wax buddy, so get ready! 


Soy Candles


Reclaimed Palet wood wall shelf 

Part of the motivation behind this is to bring awareness regarding sustainability, recycling, and environment.  Instead of items going into landfills, they have the potential for new life! We aim to support these concepts, which will ultimately keep our land and oceans cleaner.


Wax Buddy wax combs – made from recycled plastic


Rugs from India- made from recycled Sari fabric


Topanga Point



Lovin these Endless Summer candles, a mix of suntan lotion and surf wax

We are excited about the products and the process ahead. We hope you are too. 

Canyon Collection


instagram: @canyoncollection