Artist Spotlight: Matt Beard

Matt Beard Art

The Artist Spotlight will give focus to various artists who are inspired by the sea and surf culture. Some are accomplished and some unknown, but all having a similar passion. They push imagination into creativity, producing something personal and beautiful.



Ghosts of 1963: Salvador Dali, His Wife, The Witch, and an Absolute Bomb




Perfect From Afar

Matt Beard is a talented artist that resides in Humbolt County in Northern California. The beautiful coast & region is what inspires the stunning work seen here. 




Slot Machine



Subpedestrian Homesick Blues

Matt considers Art and Surfing wonderful problems to have and has stopped trying to quit either of them years ago. 

He explains his work: ” I tend to work in series, where each one contains a concept at its core that I wanted to visually explore. Sometimes they overlap and spill into each other, as they should. Life is unlimited, there is always more to learn and find and wonder about. Just like traveling an unfamiliar stretch of coastline, always curious about what lies around the next bend, so it is with my art”.


Gallery Info


First Light



Lined Up


Free Range 19: Like a Bridge Over Troubled Wompers


The Artist at work

Mushburger loves the way Matt’s art captures the light, peeling waves, and beautiful coastline. Almost dreamlike, the paintings are stunning and inspiring. For more information and If you are interested in original works, check links below. Portions of sales raise money for various nonprofits and charities.

Matt Beard Art 


Instagram: @beardart