Achey lower back or shoulder? Or maybe you just want to get in shape. Take some fitness advice from legendary surfer Taylor Knox, who at over 40 is looking as fit as he’s ever been. Continue reading

What if buying and selling surfboards was as quick and easy as finding a cab ride or a date online? Well that’s the plan if is able to accomplish its goal of creating the first online global surfboard marketplace. Continue reading

Ellis Ericsson surf festival australia

Live music and surf film event in Melbourne Continue reading

Costa Bikinis is a company run by surfer girls for surfer girls. Founded by passionate surfer and nature lover, Patricia Fuentes, Costa is dedicated to exploring new ideas in functionality and fashion in the surfwear market in their native country of Spain and around the world. Continue reading

Drifting Thru sent us this nice commentary on surf legend, Tom Morey. Bodyboarding as we know it now is largely due to one man, Tom Morey, also known as ‘Y’. The fact that such a widely enjoyed sport can be attributed … Continue reading