Ever wonder what it’s like to surf in Morocco? We check in with a long time local to find out what the breaks are like, who’s in the line-up, and when the best time to go is. Continue reading

Pro Surfer, Tarnea O'Meara Known for her big smile and her commitment to surfing and eating well, Tarnea O'Meara is an up and coming pro surfer who connected with Mushburger to tell us a little more about herself in this fun interview.  … Continue reading

Surfer, musician, artist and one of Mushburger’s favorite surf bloggers, Siren Williams, came down with a bad case of Dengue fever while in Costa Rica. If you’re planning on spending any real time surfing in the tropics, it may help you to be aware of what Dengue fever looks like. Continue reading

nicaragua surf trip

Let’s check in with a Mushburger surf blogger and photographer, Constantin Witt-Dörring, who writes about his experiences from a recent trip on what it’s like on a typical day of searching for waves and surfing in Nicaragua. Continue reading

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Title Mère-Made Surfboards is a boutique surfboard company based in Encinitas, California, that is producing some super clean looking boards. With finishes as good as we've seen anywhere, we don't think this will be a boutique shaper for long, so Mushburger … Continue reading