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Here’s a one-of-a-kind surf trip opportunity submitted to us by SURF AROUND PORTUGAL, one of Portugal’s premier surf tour companies. Continue reading

design a surfboard online

New, innovative Australian start-up allows customers to design a surfboard online using 3d printing technology, allowing surfers to create their dream board. Continue reading

Check out these preposterous, and potentially life threatening surf caravans from Kook of the Day! Continue reading

You already know the 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles was a thriller. Jordy Smith and John John Florence jostled for the lead all day during the final, and the event wasn’t decided until the last two minutes… Continue reading

Canyon Collection Topanga California Mushburger is proud to be collab/teaming with cool new eco-friendly co. Canyon Collection based in Topanga Canyon. If you’re familiar with Mushburger, you know we rarely feature or focus product and have zero advertising. Canyon Collection is … Continue reading

Matt Beard Art The Artist Spotlight will give focus to various artists who are inspired by the sea and surf culture. Some are accomplished and some unknown, but all having a similar passion. They push imagination into creativity, producing something … Continue reading

They look like female warriors of a legendary tribe that only descend from the red mountains when they sense a truly great wave. But recently, these warrior women with their bright and colourful boards are staying a little longer by the water… Continue reading

Q&A series: RYAN LOVELACE Santa Barbara shaper, Ryan Lovelace has been creating quite a buzz with innovative hand shaped custom boards. With a DIY approach from shaping, sanding, glassing and custom artwork Ryan has a serious passion for all that … Continue reading

Here's another great post coming to us out of Newquay's Over the Dune - a surfing blog. Dr Rob Brander, known as “Dr Rip” is  a geomorphologist, member of the Tamarama Beach Surf Life Saving Club and pipped as Australia’s … Continue reading

Photo highlights from some of Mushburger’s favorite surf bloggers. Continue reading