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Check out Stu Gibson's drone work. Brought to us by Nouvelle Vague

For 17 years, Rochelle Ballard was one of the top big-wave riders on the women’s professional surfing tour. She was a master at tube riding and helped lay the foundation for women’s professional surfing for the future. Continue reading

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Here's an inside look at a recent pro competition in Canada, sent to us by premier cold water surf company, Surf the Greats  By Lucas Murnaghan Coldwater surfing has entered the public consciousness over the past decade, and surfers and photographers … Continue reading

The truth is that no matter where you live, you can’t spend all of your time in the water. For a change of pace, check out these surfing cultural events and landmarks around the world that don’t involve hitting the waves. Continue reading

Anyone who's ever surfed above a coral reef knows what an amazing experience that can be. Mushburger is very happy to introduce you to Coral Guardian, a non-profit organization whose mission is the conservation of coral reef ecosystems, empowerment of local … Continue reading

Mushburger finally got a chance to see the surf film, Beyond the Surface, and we’re stoked to tell you about it! Continue reading

Meet California surfer and mechanical engineer, Michael Yungman, and his awesome new invention, the Surf Bucket.  This is a one of a kind product that pre heats your wetsuit so you slip on a warm comfortable suit, and rinse off … Continue reading