A Day at the Beach, SoCal

Waveslide Blog

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Waveslide Blog on Mushburger.com

One of our favorites, A Day At The Beach (Waveslide.blogspot), is a great place to stop by whenever you’re looking for something a little different. For instance, it’s an excellent place to learn about interesting surfboard manufacturers that you’ve probably never heard of. And see videos, boards and art that you’re not going to see on every other surf blog on the web. It’s a low key, unpretentious blog that does a good job of highlighting dark corners of media in surf culture that deserve to be seen. And for that reason, it’s a Mushburger favorite and our pick for one of the top 20 surf blogs on the web. To see the full list, check our favorites on our Home Page.

A couple photos from Waveslide Blog, A Day At The Beach







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